Sunday, February 12, 2012

One month ago today, this little guy came into our lives. He went from cone-head to a smiling pile of joy. When we went to the Humane Society to see him, fall in love with him and then adopt him, a whole lot of information was thrown at us, partly out of concern by the counselor who probably thought we were too clueless for a pet. Here are a few things I took from what she told us:
Love at first sight
Dogs are naturally allergic to corn and starch byproducts ("so don’t feed him any, duh.") Look for food that says “grain free” on the label.

Our little guy was on medication, so continue to give it to him once a day after he eats.

Teddy was only 10.5 pounds when we adopted him (now 12 pounds-- our little husky) so his exercise should only really be limited to walks.

He needed to go to the vet to get a booster shot at the end of the January—made an appointment at the local clinic, in and out with little harm to the wallet. Teddy and I both took it like a champ.

Every month he needs his flea medication (buy it here and now so you don't forget before your apartment is infested)- done, done and done.

Mr. Teddy Ruxpin on his first day in his forever home

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