Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tough Lovin'

Teddy is thirteen months old. He‘s fully grown, but at heart he’s still a puppy. He’s curious about everything. Simple around-the-block walks turn into hour long stop-and-goes because he needs to sniff his way around every bush, tree, flower and rock. He also likes to put anything and everything in his mouth. Margaret and I give him plenty of treats including snacks and toys (and even let him chew on the phone book) but we draw the line when he gnaws on our hands. Usually if we stop petting him he’ll try to get at us. It isn’t painful and he isn’t trying to hurt us, but it’s something that we can’t be having for our little guy. We’ve been teaching him that biting is, “NO TEDDY! NO BITING!” usually in a slightly high-pitched voice.

"Teddy, pens are not chew toys!"

The problem with this is not on his part, but with me as a disciplinary figure. He’ll look at me with his sad little eyes, knowing that he’s done something naughty. It kills me to see those eyes. After he’s thrown me the sad face he scurries away and lays low. But then my heart begins to melt and I chase after him to give him pets and kisses to let my buddy know I still love him--and so I know that he doesn’t hate me.
If your dog is chewing/biting, click here for some tips!

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