Sunday, February 19, 2012

Teddy was acting peculiar all day yesterday. I walked him in the morning and fed him when we got back. My first class was cancelled so I didn’t have to leave until 12:30, so we just hung out. But he never ate his breakfast but I just figured he’d just eat it later.

But then I came home around 4, in between class and work, and his bowl was still full! The nurturing and motherly instincts I was unaware that I possessed started to kick in. He needed to eat something, so I went for the good stuff- chicken. I cut some up and called him over. He was completely uninterested. Little worried me called Margaret and turned to Dr. Google.

  Lack of appetite
  Stomach grumbles 
Some smelly puppy gas
And let me tell you, it was hard to not jump into my car and hunt down a 24-hour animal hospital. I know that Googling my own symptoms for myself is never a good idea but I know what is wrong with me. As much as I’d like it, Teddy can’t simply just tell me what hurts and why he’s giving me his sad and sorry face.  

I followed what the forums I found generally said, “give it 24 hours.” He fell asleep in Margaret’s bed and I woke up with him next to me (our schedules work nicely), and his stomach grumbles were gone, which was a good sign. He also began to lick my face, another good sign. We walked into the kitchen and I put his food in his dish in hopes he’d eat, and he did, and then had a big gulp of water. PHEW.

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