Monday, February 20, 2012

Odd Behaviors

There are some times when I wish I could just have a conversation with Teddy. I’d ask him the questions that I already ask him, but he’d actually respond. This way, I would easily know if Margaret walked or fed him before I got up. He’d be able to tell me what he ate that he wasn’t supposed to, so I could hide it from him. And I’d be able to let him know that I’m leaving for a little while, and “Don’t worry puppy—I’ll be back soon!” would suffice. But mainly, I would really like to have a conversation about his first year here in this world.

Teddy is deathly afraid of guys. I’ll walk him around the neighborhood and if there’s a lady walking he’ll go say hi to the lady. But if we walk by a guy, he’ll either a.) hide behind me or b.) bark at said guy. If the guy is soft spoken, in our apartment, and Margaret and I both seem to like him, then things are for the most part, okay. When we adopted him they weren’t able to tell us his history other that he came from a high-kill shelter in Hillsborough County. They didn’t know for how long or what he was up to before-hand.

A little less concerning issue is his separation anxiety. When we leave, he bobs his head out the window just staring with a look of despair and abandonment. This makes it very hard to leave. But when we come home from class or work, he greets us at the door in a big way. He wags his tail, he yelps a little, he jumps on the table, he’ll leap and cling to my leg. The first time I got home from work after he was alone by himself, I was worried that he was going to be that hyper-active all the time. But then he calms himself down after no more than five minutes.
It's moment like these when I wish I was the dog whisperer.


  1. Dogs do the weirdest stuff. Mine used to yanks socks off people's feet all the time. She also rolls in shrimp like she's claiming it as a kill.

  2. Aww, little bubby. I too, wish dogs could talk.. Wilfred style.

  3. Dont we all wish they could talk!! I think they have some real funny stories too!! I hope shes gotten a little better with her seperation anxiety!! I used to hate leaving my dog motley!!

    Check motley out at if you get a free chance